Teach Yourself To Speak German In 15 To 30 Minutes A Day

Is it possible to learn the German language while only investing minutes per day? It sure is, if you use the correct approach! Below are a few simple German language learning ideas that will help you to learn quickly and efficiently without the long winded training sessions. Our goal is to only spend 30 minutes a day learning.

Step 1. Make sure you immerse yourself in the language whenever possible.

Listening to a German audio lesson or to German music can also be great for pronunciation. Spend time in language forums and make friends, this will keep your motivation up. You will be amazed what you can learn when travelling on the bus or train to work each day. This step is not about concentrated study, rather this is what you can do in your free time on top of any actual learning.

Step 2. Start a course right away. This can be in your local town or online.

Procrastination will get you nowhere. Start today. Local courses can be fun, but usually are quite short and are not available during holidays, you can also find yourself limited to the level of the other students. Online courses are great for 24/7 training and to progress at your desired level. Whichever method you choose, make sure to stick with it and to not keep buying the latest greatest training tools. You need to concentrate on one thing and get proficient. I prefer to spend 15 minutes in the morning and refresh with another 15 minutes in the evening. This will allow you to have a daily routine that is able to be followed and due to the repetition in the evening, will allow you to retain what you learned in the morning session.

Step 3. If you have the opportunity to have a tandem partner, take advantage of it!

You can’t beat learning with a native speaker; make sure to tell them to correct you whenever possible. During my first year in Germany, I was participating in three tandems a week, not only did I get a grasp of the language, I started to understand the German humor and culture first hand. The idea of a tandem partner is that you take turns at teaching/supporting each other. If you are an English speaker, you can have a tandem session with a German speaker, this allows for both parties to gain something. Best of all it is free. They usually take place in a public area like a cafe and I recommend at least 45 minutes.

The above three tips are a great start. Now it is up to you to get the ball rolling!

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