Germany holds cultural exhibition in Tehran

How to Get a German Translator for Your Documents

Getting a person to translate your German documents into English is a very challenging task. You will require some one who is fluent in reading and writing both English and German so that you get the right results. To add on this, you also need a German translator who is specializes in the specific . . . → Read More: How to Get a German Translator for Your Documents

Me Translate Funny One Day

But among the polyglots who convened this month in Rochester for the annual meeting of the American Literary Translators Association — where the topic was “The Translation of Humor, or, the Humor of Translation” — there is a sense of cautious optimism. At least some measure of levity, these dedicated professionals believe, must . . . → Read More: Me Translate Funny One Day

Martin Buber’s Biblical Translation

By Benjamin Ivry

The Vienna-born Jewish philosopher Martin Buber (1878-1965) is best remembered by English readers for such texts as “Tales of the Hasidim,” “Between Man and Man,” and “I and Thou.” Yet German readers also relish Buber’s skill as a translator, notably in his mighty version of the Bible, in collaboration . . . → Read More: Martin Buber’s Biblical Translation

Testing times for foreigners


Driving in Shanghai is a new experience for Westerners who have to deal not just with new roads, signs and traffic conditions but different road rules. In China you have to have a driver’s license to drive a motorcycle, car or larger vehicle. But for a foreigner getting a license can be . . . → Read More: Testing times for foreigners