Regenerate Your Business with Prestige Network Translation Services

How do you keep an idea fresh for 50 years? Last weekend, TV viewers all over the world saw the answer.


Regularly breathing new life into a character has helped to make Dr Who one of the most popular British exports of the 21st century. The show’s 50th anniversary special was broadcast in 94 countries, reaching a huge global audience. The central character has now been played by twelve different actors. When things look like getting stale, a new face appears, communicating with the audience in a fresh, relevant way.

What can the rest of us learn from this? How can you regenerate your business and take your service into lucrative new markets?

If you want to trade with the world, you need to speak to the world. But with English still recognised as an international business language, do you really need a translation service? 

Let’s look at the numbers.

Recent research has shown that even in countries where English is widely spoken as a second language, a professional translation service is crucial to your success.  Not only would over 70% of customers be more likely to buy a product advertised in their own language, but well over half of them consider this to be a more important factor than price.

So if you want to reach out to new partners in the BRIC economies, professional Chinese translations or Russian translations could be even more important than the right pricing strategy. If you want to take advantage of UK trade partnerships throughout the EU, high quality German translations and French translations could be your passport to success.

We all want the same thing; to sell our products and services. Making your website a vibrant information hub with fresh content and effective search engine optimization will generate interest and revenue. Replicating that effectiveness for a new audience is a challenge, but the right translation partner will help you meet it with skilled, experienced native speaker translators, specialists in the language of your business

A professional translation agency will have access to a range of translation tools that offer you not only cost effectiveness but also consistent translation in any language you choose. Prestige Network offers you a translation technology solution that allows the swift transfer of data between your system and ours. Once your translation project is underway we create a computerised translation memory, confidentially storing vocabulary and terminology and creating your own individual glossary. Your first project will be delivered with speed, precision and care. On your next project we will also search your translation memory for language repetition and automatically reproduce it in your preferred format, guaranteeing consistency and saving you time and money. By combining state of the art technology with impeccable service values Prestige Network will help you speak to the world. And the more you want to say, the less you have to pay.

Your marketing material will feature creative, nuanced language that requires transcreation as well as translation. The cultural consultancy included in a Prestige Network marketing translation will preserve your message, in sense and spirit.

Your technical manuals may include detailed specifications that need to be reproduced with absolute accuracy. Why risk your reputation when a professional technical translation service will give you precision and peace of mind?

Your website is the face of your business. Which face do you want the world to see? A bad website translation is like an embarrassing TV commercial that stays on the air all day, every day. A professional website translation, on the other hand, will build credibility and open up new markets all over the world.

We can’t see fifty years into the future, but judging by our 22 year track record of success, Prestige Network will keep your message fresh and relevant for any audience in any language.

Time to regenerate?

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