Damage Control – The True Cost of Damage Control

With the continual development of globalisation and new emerging markets, expanding internationally is now a matter of survival for most businesses! The development of the economy means that we are constantly communicating through different mediums; 24 hours, seven days a week.

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Of course trading on a worldwide basis has huge advantages, in terms of audience reach and profit margins and for those with ambition, a route to an international empire, but what happens when it goes wrong?

A recent study indicated that over 50% of global consumers would not make a purchase online unless the transaction was presented to them in their native language. Think about it, would you? These statistics highlight how crucial localisation is in modern business and how not being flexible in this regard can lead to a lack of customer reassurance.

A quick e-mail or conversation is not so quick when you don’t understand what’s been written. With this in mind, it’s vital for companies to not only translate their products into the target market’s dialect, but also understand the customs, culture and sensitivities that come with the process.

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Knowing the true cost of expanding a business overseas, it is still surprising to see that the biggest mistakes often made come from entrusting translation with an acquaintance, ‘a friend of a friend or a next door neighbour’. Free translation tools such as Google Translate or Babelfish are just as unreliable. Taking the ‘in-house, cheap alternative’ tends to damage a businesses’ reputation; exposing embarrassing mistakes made by unqualified personnel and unfortunately, causing these errors to be forever acknowledged by clients.

In laymen’s terms, language is used as a systematic method of communication, however, we all know it is more than a simple sum of consistent words. Language is a tool which promotes identity, feeling and is an intricate way of expressing individual beliefs and experiences. Above all else, language is an instrument for our own perception of the world.

The sheer fact of the matter is that ignoring language barriers can be costly to your businesses’ time and finances. Without the correct translation you can’t maximise on opportunities, nurture leads or develop relationships. As we continue to grow as a diversified and integrated global community, translation and interpreting services will become an essential department within your business.

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