Chairman of Prestige Network, Shawn Khorassani, speaks to a local school (St Bartholomew’s)

Shawn Speaks to St Barts School in Newbury

Chairman of Prestige Network, Mr Shawn Khorassani, gave an impressive talk to gifted and talented 6th form students at St Bartholomew’s School in Newbury on Friday July 13th 2012.

He spoke about the importance of languages and being one of the founders (1991) of Prestige Network as well as its chairman, he was well qualified to speak on this subject and inspired the students. Also, as Mr Khorassani’s wife is from Czech and his three children speak, fluently, English, Czech and Farsi he is very aware of the importance of languages.

His PA received this email from St Bartholomew’s School following his talk…

Dear Margaret & Mr Khorassani

Thank you so much for Mr Khorassani’s time yesterday. The students enjoyed his talk and they were very positive about the afternoon in their evaluation.

Let’s hope our aim of increasing 6th form numbers at A Level in languages will have been reached! I am most grateful to Mr Khorassani for his inspiring talk.

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