Defying the February Storms – Visits to Legal Clients in the Northwest

Despite stormy conditions in February two of our hardy management team ventured to Liverpool and Manchester to visit clients.  General Manager, Anthony Fleming and Commercial Manager, Meryem Munro spent the day with three of our legal clients.

The first appointment was a visit to a major firm of Solicitors based in Birkenhead.  Meryem said “Our relationship with this client is excellent and well established.  Our plan was a quarterly review meeting followed by an opportunity to establish and to meet with our new point of contact in person.”

Anthony and Meryem back at head office.

Anthony and Meryem back at the Head Office.


Then onto a Legal Firm in Cheadle. This client is a Personal Injury Specialists and had an unusual billing situation to discuss with our team.  Anthony and Meryem took the time to fully understand the details provided, after some thought they were able to suggest a creative solution that delighted the client.

Finally, back into Manchester to another well-established Legal Firm. The outline for this meeting was to ensure we fully understood all our client’s language requirements and to recommend some cost saving solutions.

Anthony and Meryem agreed that Prestige Network had done an excellent days work with three important legal clients and that the Northwest was very welcoming. Anthony was born in the North of England in Yorkshire.

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