All Cultures and Races United By….Brooms?

Okay, I guess we cannot fail ┬ámention in our blog the recent events in the London boroughs. The rioting, looting and hostile behaviour that has occurred on our historic capitals streets. I’m not talking about the destruction caused by these people I am referring to the “broom army”!


What is the broom army? I hear you say and what has this got to do with language?

I will let Phil Coomes explain in more detail about how our capitals communities grabbed a broom and started fighting back…


Following the riots in London on Monday, Andrew Bayles’ photograph of brooms being brandished in the air became an internet sensation.

The picture shows those who turned out the next day to clean up the street of Clapham and at the time of writing has had nearly 400,000 views. Here’s the story behind the picture and its popularity in Andrew’s own words:

“On Monday night I was at home in Wandsworth and was watching the news and could hear sirens all over the place. The riots weren’t on my doorstep as I live near Wandsworth Town – but I consider the whole area including Clapham Junction my home. The riots were shocking and I was really rocked to the core by what was going on. I have some friends living on Lavender Hill and was speaking with them throughout the evening checking they were OK.”

…he went on to add…

“When I found out the next day that a clean-up operation was taking place I went down to help out despite the fact that I was working from home, but a very kind boss said I could go down there. The crowds were asked to wait for quite a while and we were watching the fire engines putting out the fire at the party shop opposite Debenhams.

“When the fire engines had finished the crowds started to cheer and some raised their brooms. All of a sudden everyone was raising their brooms and I managed to get the photo on my iPhone.!

When lesser educated folk try and divide a city by race and language, all those who inhabit our fine city stand up and say “we are not different from each other, we are all Londeners”


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