How to grow your international business using translation services

Selling internationally is a great way to grow your business rapidly but it comes with obstacles which prevent many businesses from benefiting from what should be a very lucrative opportunity.

One of these obstacles (whether real or perceived!) is the fear of entering the unknown. Of entering a market where the language and customs are different as well as local laws.

Luckily, using a professional translation company that understands the market can really help a business to succeed when entering a new market. In fact, it can make the difference between failure and success.

Below are 5 great ways for how to grow your international business by partnering with a professional translation company:

Building long term success with your local alliances

Having an agreement with a local reseller or partner can go badly wrong if the legal agreement between you is badly translated. Arguing with your partner over who is supposed to pay the freight costs, what the revenue share agreement is or who exactly they can sell to (or where) is the best way to ruin a relationship with a promising new partner. Making sure, however, that your documentation is correctly translated can help set expectations correctly and ensure a fruitful long term partnership.

Marketing that stands out – for the right reasons!

Have you ever read a manual or seen an advert that looks like it was written by a non native speaker? It really puts you off wanting to buy from them, no matter how good their offerings are. Well written marketing copy that reaches out and talks to your customers in their local language can make a huge difference in sales.

Recruiting for success

As a business grows, recruitment of staff in overseas markets increases in importance but recruiting local people (and managing them) can often be a challenge. Working with a professional translation company such as Prestige Networks will help with the recruitment process and ensure you have a solid HR process designed for success.

Keeping travel costs down is a winner, in any language

Sometimes it’s not profitable to travel internationally to meet someone and a quick phone call can be just as effective – and much less time consuming than sitting around endlessly at airports! But what if the person you want to speak with doesn’t speak English?

Having a translation company that offers interpreting when making phone calls can ensure the call is effective in getting the results you want. The last thing you want to be thinking when you come off a call is “Not sure what he or she was saying but I think they want me to do this….or maybe it was something else…”.

Translation support, in any event

Attendance at local trade events and seminars is often a great way to build up contacts and promote your business but getting the word out about your business in the right language can be tough. Translation services focused around interpreting at trade events can make sure that time and money attending is not wasted and people you meet with is more productive.

Now you know how to grow your international business more successfully. Whether you are thinking about exporting for the first time or already selling internationally, don’t underestimate the importance of using a professional translation company. It really can be the difference between failure and success.

Welcome To The Summer Edition of Prestige Network

This summer, there’s been some great new developments at Prestige Network, with so much going on we thought we would share some of our exciting news!



Win Announcements

We are pleased to announce that Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust alongside Oxfordshire County Council and a number of Oxfordshire NHS Trusts have chosen Prestige Network for all their language service requirements over the next three years.

We’re absolutely delighted and proud to have beaten off the stiff competition to win these tenders, it’s a true testament to our hard working team. Like always, we’re committed to ensuring accurate and effective communication between all parties.

Symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom, law and justice concept.

Latest Law Case Study

Our latest case study explores our key capabilities and commitment to our customers. Working in partnership with a prestigious international law firm, we made an urgent translation of legal and financial documentation from Russian to English in less than one week! A job on this scale would normally take an experienced translator 2 months.

Find out how we did it!

Changes to Our Legal Department

This month we would also like to introduce our new Legal Sales Consultant, Mel Woolgrove. Having worked at Prestige Network for over 5 Years, Mel’s vast experience and knowledge of the industry makes her the perfect contact for all legal requirements.


Recruitment Fair

Due to new contracts we have in Birmingham and Gloucester we are holding a meet and greet recruitment fair, so why come alone and meet the team. We will be at the following locations:

  • Ramada Hotel Birmingham City Centre on Monday 13th July between 11am and 3pm.

  • Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on Wednesday 15th July between 12pm and 4pm.


Damage Control – The True Cost of Damage Control

With the continual development of globalisation and new emerging markets, expanding internationally is now a matter of survival for most businesses! The development of the economy means that we are constantly communicating through different mediums; 24 hours, seven days a week.

Global Finacial Business Meeting and Planning

Of course trading on a worldwide basis has huge advantages, in terms of audience reach and profit margins and for those with ambition, a route to an international empire, but what happens when it goes wrong? Continue reading Damage Control – The True Cost of Damage Control

Importance of Language Skills recognised by George Osborne

Prestige Network are pleased that the importance of language skills was raised by the chancellor George Osborne in this week’s budget. Osborne announced that the government would be doubling the amount of credit available through UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) to support foreign sales.  He also announced plans to double the tax allowance for . . . → Read More: Importance of Language Skills recognised by George Osborne

Defying the February Storms – Visits to Legal Clients in the Northwest

Despite stormy conditions in February two of our hardy management team ventured to Liverpool and Manchester to visit clients.  General Manager, Anthony Fleming and Commercial Manager, Meryem Munro spent the day with three of our legal clients.

The first appointment was a visit to a major firm of Solicitors based in Birkenhead.  Meryem said . . . → Read More: Defying the February Storms – Visits to Legal Clients in the Northwest